Monday, February 2, 2009

Project Comments.

Hi to all,

Welcome to my blog site. Please feel free to ask any questions or give comments on my recent build of the two crossed yagi's.

Project Details can be found by following the project links to my Docs page.

73....s VK4ZXX Nick Soter

Thanks in advance


  1. Nick,
    Great job on the antennas. They are perfect.
    Keep up the good work

    Buddy Mclawhorn

  2. Nick,
    The antennas look great.
    Good Job

    Buddy Mclawhorn

  3. I'm trying to build both of the crossed yagi antennae you describe, but I'm having trouble on the driven element side of things.

    I can't understand (even with the gamma match) how you can connect the centre of your coax feed to the driven element and completely insulate that element from the screen of your coax and it still work.

    Every description of a gamma match I have read describes an electrical connection between the centre of the driven element and either the boom or the coax screen (ultimately both).

    Don't get me wrong, I am not knocking your design I am just having problems understanding (am I missing something?)

    Could you also clarify the construction of the gamma match so I can have a go at replicating your build as closely as possible.


    james(no spam today, thankyou)

  4. Hi James,
    I hope you got my email helping you with some of these questions. If not, you can email me on

  5. Nick, its Graham VK5GCT part of the South Coast Amateur Radio Club. We are interested in building the 70cm antenna for our satellite tracking set-up. I have a few questions which I would appreciate answers:
    1 Was the mechanical strength adequate?
    2 Would you provide me with more detail on the power divider please?
    3 Ditto for the Gamma match
    4 Do you have any detail on the method of fixing the antenna to the boom/mast?
    Graham Thomas VK5GCT

  6. I want design Yagi antenna to receive satellite signal ... I used 4NEC2 software .....I got proper output in 4nec2 .if I used that same lengths in manually. then I got same results otherwise it changes ?.
    reply to